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DevComms has developed Consult With You, a digital consultation toolkit which offers flexible and affordable options for taking stakeholder engagement online in the planning and development process, as part of DevComms’ overall project support.


Virtual Reality (VR) exhibitions

Consult With You enables DevComms to build virtual reality exhibition rooms that provide visitors with an engaging public exhibition experience in the convenience of their own homes.

This feature opens up exhibitions to those who may not be able to, or minded to, attend physical events and can help you reach the right people. The virtual reality room can be fully re-branded to meet your guidelines.

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Embedded surveys

The embedded survey is tailored for each project and can be adapted, as required, depending on the nature of the proposals. Survey questions can be linked to different pages of the platform so we embed them on the interactive plans page or on CGIs. We can provide full breakdown and analysis of survey results as part of the Consult with You service.


DevComms can create and broadcast webinars to unlimited audiences. Whilst these can be standalone events with the option of live feedback, our webinars can also be hosted on Consult With You as part of the digital consultation offer for a project.

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Interactive Plans

Consult With You can host interactive plans and images which enable consultees to interact and explore a scheme with additional explanatory text, videos, dynamic keys and webinars.


DevComms can create short promotional or informative videos that can be hosted on Consult With You and shared with stakeholders. An effective mechanism for conveying key facts and context, a video can help people understand important information in a more accessible and engaging way.

Award nominated solutions.

Consult With You has been nominated for two awards:

Award for best inno sus Init NOMINATED

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Customer Reviews

“Consult with You was the perfect, user friendly, platform for consulting in difficult circumstances.”

Tim Spencer

Associate Director, Nexus Planning

“The town council wishes to note for the record the level of engagement it has received from Countryside and its DevComms teams has been very professional, high quality and welcoming and indeed a very pleasant experience throughout this process and should be considered as a model for future development engagements of this type”

South Woodham Ferrers Town Council consultation response

“We worked with DevComms, using their digital consultation toolkit - Consult With You, to deliver a comprehensive digital public consultation on part of a new community for 4,000 homes in Nottinghamshire.

“Consult With You has proved to be an effective tool to enable us to undertake robust and effective interactive public engagement during the pandemic.”

Ellie Gale

Strategic Land and Planning Manager, Taylor Wimpey

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Flexible and affordable

The toolkit is suitable for projects of all types and sizes, from small schemes right through to strategic development proposals and land allocations. It is also suitable for use by public and private sector organisations.

Decide which elements you require

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Choose individual elements to suit your project, alternatively, we offer some great packages;



Provision of platform
Creation of content
Updates to content
Feedback and reporting
Creation of interactive plan



Provision of platform
Creation of content
Updates to content
Feedback and reporting
Creation of interactive plan
Virtual Reality service
Creation of exhibition boards

Complete Package


Provision of platform
Creation of content
Updates to content
Feedback and reporting
Creation of interactive plan
Virtual Reality service
Creation of exhibition boards
1 minute video, using infographics
Provision of Live Chat function
Creation of FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

for Consult With You

Can Consult With You be fully rebranded?

Consult With You is a white label product and can be rebranded to reflect a client’s requirements.

Do you need to have all the features of Consult With You or can you select the ones you want?

Consult With You was built as a toolkit so you do not need to choose all the features to be able to use it. You can select the functions that best suit your project and budget.

Does the platform record the number of visitors?

Yes, the number of visitors to the platform and virtual reality can be provided.

Is the system compatible with Google Maps?

Yes, Consult With You has a Google API so is compatible with Google Maps.

Is the survey an external survey programme plugged into the system or is it specific to your platform?

Consult With You has a bespoke survey specifically designed for use in the platform.

Can the survey be embedded into the presentation of the plan?

Yes, the survey questions can be featured across the platform and do not need to feature only on the survey function.

Can the survey export to excel? Are the range of features comparable with say Survey Monkey?

Yes, the system exports to excel.

Could the virtual village hall be presented on a touchscreen at an event?

Yes, all that is needed is an internet connection.

Once a Virtual Reality exhibition board is open can you zoom in on the details that are displayed?

The VR board can be displayed in full screen mode by clicking the arrows icon.

Can the exhibition material be downloaded?

Yes the exhibition material and brochures can be downloaded from the system.

How does this package interact with Wordpress and social media?

The platform is not Wordpress but can link to Wordpress sites or social media feeds.

Could the system be used for two different consultations simultaneously?

Yes, the system can host multiple consultations at the same time.

How does this allow those involved in a project to directly interact with the community?

The platform can enable direct communication between the promoters and the community using the live web chat feature, or embedding other digital communications links, such as social media feeds or email.

How long can you have it available for?

The platform can be available for as long as required, subject to any licence fee requirements.

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