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Devcomms Altira Park case study visual 1 006

Altira Park, Herne Bay.

Client: Urban & Civic

LPA: Canterbury City Council

  • Our team helped to secure planning permission for a new complex, consisting of a large Sainsbury’s, business units and a petrol station at Altira Park in Herne Bay.

  • A grass roots approach was adopted in promoting the project in order to overcome initial resistance to the project at a strategic level.

  • It was crucial to build important relationships, listen to local people and collaborate with them to deal with any concerns and ensure that the benefits of the proposals would be maximised.

  • Our approach demonstrated an 86% approval rating for the proposals from the local community and secured the support of the local business community and politicians.

  • At the planning stage committee, members considered that the local business community was best placed to judge the potential impacts and benefits that the proposals would deliver, and voted unanimously to approve the scheme.

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