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Influencing planning outcomes at committee

As town planning increasingly intersects with politics, we're helping more and more of our clients navigate the complexities of planning committee discussions with well-crafted, considered and influential political speeches*.

Politically written planning committee speeches are a strategic tool to align development proposals with current political objectives and priorities. A well-crafted speech can help frame a project in a positive light, address opposition claims, and integrate aspirations into the overall narrative. It is the opportunity to convey the persuasive political arguments to support the technical planning case, rather than repeat the detail of the committee report.

We have extensive in-house experience in political speech writing to help you do this - for councillors, MPs, and Cabinet Ministers - which not only makes for more compelling listening but, by effectively structuring the speech and the format, it also makes it easier for the speaker.

We make recommendations on using your time effectively, including how strategically you may want to use your allotted 2/3/4/5 minutes of speaking time to the committee members e.g. should we split it between the technical team, the client, or even an end user, like a first-time buyer.

Our value here is as strategic communicators who understand the power of shaping perceptions. We focus on aligning development with the broader political agenda and securing faster and more certain approvals through a well-articulated narrative.

As town planning continues to evolve into a political arena, effective communication cannot be overstated. The demand for planning committee speeches penned with political insights reflects the recognition that urban development is not just a technical exercise but a political chessboard. Get in touch if you want to discuss how we can help you shape your story and get your projects over the line.

*We also help our clients prepare for planning committees (such as building support for your schemes from residents and councillors) and controlling the narrative as you approach the 'big day'. If you'd like to talk to me about that too - please get in touch.

By Jack Boyce

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