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What we do

Our wide-ranging experience and holistic approach means that DevComms has a deeper understanding of the planning process than others in our field.

We develop a nuanced understanding of the local landscape and combine this with our expert knowledge to draw out support and address objection in order to deliver optimum results.

We provide support through all stages of the planning process, from achieving Local and Neighbourhood Plan allocations to providing communications support through the application process and delivery phase.

Our role is distinct from planning and our focus tends to be on contentious projects where there might be a complex mix of issues and stakeholders that present political challenges and risks.

Our team has extensive experience working across the South East, South West and London. We have established strong working relationships in many local authorities with leading politicians, interest groups and key media influencers, amongst others.

Using a broad range of communications methods, including face to face, digital, media and direct mailings, we deliver a tailored and effective strategy every time.

"DevComms is an integral part of our property team. Their can-do attitude together with proactive approach and political insight means that they have been instrumental in helping Sainsbury’s deliver results on complicated and sensitive projects."

David Mills, Head of Property Communications