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Our services

Research and strategy development

We devise targeted engagement strategies incorporating a detailed analysis of the local politics, media, planning history and community matters, amongst other factors, to ensure that we are under the skin of each individual project.

Strategic political and stakeholder engagement

We have existing contacts in many local authorities and one of our specialist skills is developing new and constructive relationships whenever required. We engage with stakeholders and maintain important relationships to protect the aspirations of the project.

Media relations

Local media can play an influential role in shaping local perceptions and it is important to ensure that media outlets are handled in the right way. This can include nurturing relationships with journalists, carrying out face to face briefings and issuing releases at appropriate junctures.

Local community engagement and consultation

Within the planning system it is expected that appropriate community engagement is carried out. This can range from mailings and meetings to exhibitions. Whatever the chosen method, it requires careful and coordinated handling. Our team has vast experience in this area and can ensure that meaningful consultation is undertaken in order to draw out issues and manage the preparation and presentation of information, to maximise the chances of the scheme being received in the right way by local communities.

Reputation management

We are acutely aware of the importance of reputation management when promoting development proposals. Our team has worked with many large scale companies with strong brands, such as Sainsbury’s, U+I and Barratt Homes, and has in-depth experience of producing communications material which aligns with the client’s brand and protects their wider reputation, whilst working towards the aims of the project.

Crisis management

We always seek to proactively identify and minimise risks to projects however, should something unforeseen arise at any point during the project, our team has proven to be effective at addressing any issues.

"The team has an excellent understanding of HAB’s values which, combined with their sensitive approach and ability to build key relationships in the communities where we operate, provides a great platform for successful outcomes."

Mike Roberts, Managing Director